What Really Matters In Your Tech Interview?

  • An introduction call with the recruiter/hiring manager
  • A technical test — can be a real-time or take away assignment
  • A follow-up call to discuss your technical test
  • An oral/onsite interview with other important stakeholders in the organization
  1. Study the job description before applying for the role.
  2. Know at least one programming language — Java, Python, Kotlin etc
  3. Prepare notes while highlighting your strengths related to the role, to guide you as you give your brief introduction.
  4. Prepare questions in advance for the interviewer/recruiter.
  5. Find at least one thing to be passionate about in the role.
  6. Take time to study and practice before attempting the technical test and document your code because you will have to justify your thought process anyway.
  7. When it comes to salary negotiation, know your worth and don't settle for less. Remuneration doesn't always come in form of cash, consider other incentives like house allowances, travel allowance, paid leave etc
  8. If possible, talk to a current/former employee in the company you hope to join to find out what the culture looks like.




Mobile Developer — Android :: Sometimes a drummer

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Hannah Olukoye

Hannah Olukoye

Mobile Developer — Android :: Sometimes a drummer

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