Truths About Speaking At A Tech Conference

Truths? What truths?
  1. Don’t fret, public speaking is an art — Learning how to speak before an audience is something that needs some time of practice and even training if need be. No one is born an eloquent speaker, so don’t expect to sound like Michelle Obama in your first attempt. Key thing is to keep at it and allow yourself to grow.
  2. For those few minutes, you are the expert in the room — It’s essential to understand that people are taking time to listen to what you have to share because it really matters to them. Otherwise, they would easily be elsewhere, not seated in a room waiting to gain insights in whatever topic you are speaking about. You can’t afford to give false or forged information, your research has to be thorough. If you must mention numbers, it’s only fair that you be accurate.
  3. By all means, avoid death by PowerPoint! — No one, absolutely no one wants to sit for your talk and spend time reading definitions you pasted in your slides from Wikipedia and then listen to you recite them. Take time to use creative slide templates that engage with the audience and use minimal wordings. This article explains it in depth.
This is me getting appreciated for giving a talk!




Mobile Developer — Android :: Sometimes a drummer

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Hannah Olukoye

Hannah Olukoye

Mobile Developer — Android :: Sometimes a drummer

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