I wrote about the beginning of my journey here and now that I have graduated I have a few highlights to share.

I must confess though, the one challenge I faced was suffering mind block and fatigue whenever I tried to rush and do some of the units in one sitting without taking short breaks.


  1. Every project task is on something relevant that can be used in a real-life mobile application.
  2. The official Android libraries are well documented.
  3. Improving the UI of an Android application is simplified when one understands how best to use material design.
  4. The career support lesson helped me to edit my profile appropriately and improved my chances of getting selected when applying for jobs.

It was an exciting journey and I am glad I was able to achieve all the items on my checklist in mobile apps development. I am now looking into ways I can give back as a mentor.

Let me know on the comment section below if you have any helpful links I can use to apply as an Android Developer Mentor.

Thank you, Google! Thank you, Udacity!

Mobile Developer — Android :: Sometimes a drummer

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