Developers can control a number of system capabilities on Android devices in order to attain their own end objective. The sensor’s functionality is one of the most recent components I worked with while developing an Android app for AI.

Sensors are an essential part of any mobile device since they…

The business logic in android applications as regards to the change in views has been all about changing stateful views manually. This means that as the app changes, the UI hierarchy is updated manually to display the current data. Commonly referred to as, changing the internal state of a widget.

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Several APIs were introduced and upgraded in the recent release of Android 11. The goal was to create simple and intuitive APIs that will allow Android developers to tap into innovative ideas supported by the Android platform.

These APIs included:

  1. Media Control APIs
  2. System UI
  3. Device Controls
  4. Biometric Authentication Updates

By William Bout

Are you genuinely interested in assisting someone else expecting nothing in return? If yes, then you are on the right track to being an incredible mentor. All it takes is a willingness and desire to devote some time and effort to the mentoring relationship.

A few years ago, I got…

Of the many unique features that distinguish Africa as the cradle of humankind is the discovery of a peculiar tool known as the ISHANGO bone. It is believed to be one of the earliest mathematical tools in existence — dating as far back as 20,000 BC — and is speculated…

The hardest part about getting into a new role is, sitting through an interview and waiting to hear if you made it to the final stage. Sometimes one can tell that an interview went well by noticing the choice of words used by the interviewer. …

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Using Firebase on an Android application may seem scary at first but with time when you get the hang of it, you start to look for tools and libraries that will display your data in a few common layouts on Android.

This article will touch on implementing a recycler view…

So far, I have enjoyed using Fastlane as a CI tool for deployment of APKs on my Android projects. This post is just to build on what my friend Roger wrote about on his detailed 3 part series “Automating the Android Build and Release Process using Fastlane”.

I remember spending hours of research trying to find a config.yml file that would work easily for Gitlab specifically.

Here’s a config that can work for you if you are going to integrate Fastlane with Gitlab. I put in short comments to guide you as you set up but you can always reach out in case you get stuck.

Main Reference:

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You go through the interview process, you wonder if you will get picked and then you get that exhilarating email/phone call “Good news! You are among the candidates selected for this role…”

You go through the motions of negotiations for your salary and other benefits and then you are told…

One of the most interesting projects I have worked on in Android in the past included implementing a working camera module on an app written in react native. …

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